Spinal Health and Your Pillow


Watch video from Dr. Chrity and Dee Dee about your traction pillow and the correct way to relax into it daily for spinal health.

Pillows and Sleeping Positions

There are three main sleeping positions—on back, on stomach and on side. The pillow has a lot to do with each sleeping position, since each position needs a different level of neck and head support.

  • On back: Those who sleep on their backs need a pillow that will support the head, neck, shoulders and spine. Your cervical spine has a natural curve and the pillow should conform to that curve for maximum support and relaxation.
  • On side: If you sleep on either of your sides, use a pillow that supports your head in line with neck. You should maintain a horizontal posture so that the weight is naturally distributed without exerting undue pressure. The pillow should fill the spaces between your ear and mattress. If your head or neck is tilted, and is not aligned with the rest of the spine, it leads to neck or back pain.
  • On stomach: This sleeping position is not good for your spine, especially during the corrective stage of your care.

Back or side sleepers need a firmer pillow. Pillow firmness depends upon the density of a pillow filling—the more the filling, the firmer the pillow. To test the firmness of a pillow, put it on a flat surface and bend in half. If it folds easily, it is soft. If you need to put some force into folding a pillow in half, it probably has a good amount of support.

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Back to School Tips & Recipes


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Come learn how to THRIVE in life with a simple and easy natural health plan. Find out how chiropractic fits into your health care and how you can super-charge health through the golden years. Fun & interactive, all workshop attendees will receive a packet of information to support their family toward optimal health.


Fall Book Club


Books are here for fall book club! We’ll start the end of August, books are free for HealthWorks practice members and the book club is open to everyone! This book is full of intrigue, murder, mystery and SCIENCE! True story of a scientist murdered as she was on the verge of a cancer breakthrough.


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Traction Pillow


The Traction Pillow is the #1 thing YOU can do at home for spinal health!

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Be Where You Are

It’s powerful to realize how much we live in fantasy worlds called “past” and “present”.

There’s a certain power in just sitting in the moment. Where you are. In your current situation. Feel your breath move in and out. Feel the air on your skin and the ground beneath you. Be content in that moment- realizing you have everything you need, in that moment.

Dr. Christy


Right now, in this moment, everything is perfect.

Just be in that moment. This moment.

When I was a new in practice and my kids were little I had a constant struggle with being present in the moment. When I was home with my kids I was thinking about my small, fledgling business. THEN, when I was at work I thought about my kids at home, wanting to be there for every second of homework and after-school time.

Thankfully, I had an epiphany.

Consistent guilt over where I was spending my time was dividing my mind and diminishing both my self worth and my capacity to do the best I could with the people right in front of me. Instead of riding the guilt roller-coaster I made a decision to just BE where I actually WAS. When I was at work I focused on work. When I was at home…

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The Sun, Vitamin D & That Summer Glow


Watch Video Above from Dr. Jennifer Taylor about the Sun, Vitamin D and that summer glow we all want… without the sunburn!


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Summertime Drink Recipes

Cool off with these tasty summertime drinks, slushies and smoothies!


Take Your Dream & Make It Live

Take Your Dream and Make It Live!

Dr. Christy


About twenty years ago I received a gift from someone I barely tolerated. The gift came in the form of words:

“You never follow through with anything.”

You never follow through with anything? Well, that wasn’t true, was it? Not entirely, but as with most things that feel insulting, there was a tiny grain of truth there. And the truth was that, by nature, I am filled with ideas. They bubble up and flow over, for every problem I have 1001 solutions. Some are fun and fantastical, others are pragmatic and strategic.

However, until I have a tiny army of personal assistants to do my bidding, I’m not likely to realize all 1001 of my daily ideas. And this can look a lot like not following through.

In the years since, I’ve learned to winnow. There are a select few dreams that make the cut and need long term, day…

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