Boost Your Family’s Immunity Naturally

Boost Your Family's Immunity Naturally

Boosting Immunity is a four-step process that starts with the foundation of a properly functioning immune system and builds on this foundation:

STEP 1: Eliminate distress in the nerve system
Our nerve system is the network & foundation for all of the processes of the body, including immunity. An optimally functioning nerve system is able to adapt and marshal immunity with stunning efficiency. When the nerve system is under distress, called Subluxation, it leads to a dis-coordinated immune system and low immunity follows.

  • Research finds that individuals under Chiropractic care long-term (5 years or longer) had 200% better “immune competence” than the general population. Even more remarkable is that patients who had a severe illness had a 400% better functioning immune system than others with similar illnesses- AND, the results did not vary with age. This means that no Subluxation equals a 200-400% greater functioning immune system- sign me up!1
  • Research with HIV patients (severe immune compromise) found that the CD4 immune cells increased by a whopping 48% over the course of 6-months of chiropractic care These adjustments were with specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustments- a must when you’re looking for a chiropractor.2

STEP 2: Support your body with nutrition
When our body has all the nutritional building blocks that it needs (vitamins, minerals and proteins, fats) then it is able to heal and repair tissues and support the immune system. Seek out traditional food support groups in your area like a Weston A Price chapter and start making dietary changes to bring your family back to nutrient dense foods.

STEP 3: Reduce toxic load in your body
Toxic overload stresses our body and prevents optimal function. Ideally, the body will detox on a daily basis extremely efficiently, however if you have unusually high amounts of toxins from vaccines, pesticide exposure, metal fillings, etc, please consult with a natural health care practitioner for a safe and systematic way to clear your body.

STEP 4: Reduce emotional stress response
Your nerve system perceives emotional stressors with the same response that it would a physical injury. When we’re under a constant barrage of emotional stressors it creates the “fight or flight” physiology and depresses our immune system. Work to reduce outside stressors and better deal with those stressors you cannot control through prayer, meditation, letting go, and EFT.

HealthWorks:  A Family Wellness Center is having a “4 Easy Steps to Boost Your Family’s Immunity” workshop on 6/19/2013.  Free and open to the public- seating is limited, RSVP here.

1. Pero R. Medical Researcher Excited by CBSRF Project Results. The Chiropractic Journal. 1989. August, 32.
2. Selano J, et al. The effects of specific upper cervical adjustments on the CD4 counts of HIV positive patients. CRJ. 1994. 3(1): 32


2 responses to “Boost Your Family’s Immunity Naturally

  1. I love these steps. I also like to include sleep. Staying up late and getting up early puts stress on the body.

    I would love to hear more about ways of reducing emotional stress. I find that a tough one.

  2. We really like Emotional Freedom Technique- simple acupressure tapping that anyone can do. Have also recently started recommending “Relaxation Response” for folks who are willing to give it a little more time.

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