Help a neighbor in need

Help a neighbor in need

We are so saddened by the recent tornado tragedy that has struck our neighbors in Oklahoma. We would like to collect donations both outright and also through “doing what we do best” which is helping our local DFW community toward better health.
We have three ways to help:
1. Online at the Red Cross webpage:
• Choose to donate “In Honor Of”
• Enter our email address so that we will get notification of your donation.
• This donation directly toward the Red Cross will count for taxes, so save your receipt.
2. Donate by check here at the office.
• Make your check to HealthWorks and we will compile all checks into one large donation on June 30th.
3. Refer a friend or family member to HealthWorks before June 30th:
• All exams will be free with a donation of any amount.
• Normal fee for the new patient exam is $265
• Sorry, not applicable for Medicare
All three types of donations go to the Red Cross and HealthWorks will match 100% of donations made by patients of our office. Our goal is to raise $2,000 through the month of June.


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