How TOXIC is your body?

How TOXIC is your body?

Body detoxification is a tradition that’s been around for centuries.  We often hear of traditional or religious times of abstaining or fasting.  This tradition is even more important in today’s world.

We find that our air, our water, our foods, our clothes and beauty products- they’re all laced with chemicals that are often harmful.  These chemicals have been shown to disrupt DNA, hormones, and our powerful gut probiotics.  This constant onslaught of chemicals makes routine detoxification even more important.  We recommend some sort of gentle daily detox to all of our patients- regardless of current conditions.  This is done with food, detox baths, dry skin brushing, or bentonite clay.  However, it’s important to check your body’s overall toxicity level to determine if a more in-depth detoxification routine is needed.

Follow this blog’s title link to the Toxicity Questionnaire. This questionnaire is one way to asses your body’s current toxicity load.  Make sure you fill out both sides and find your GRAND total.  If your total is more than 40, it’s recommended that you begin an in-depth, health care practitioner supervised detox program.  (There are a lot of programs on the market and they’re not all created equal).  Typically you may repeat the detoxification process until your score falls below 40.



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