Hannah Turner

Hannah Turner

We’d like to introduce you to Hannah Turner, a new addition to the HealthWorks Team. Hannah has been a chiropractic patient for many years and is pursuing her undergraduate work before applying to Chiropractic college. Here’s here bio:

Growing up, my family always made staying healthy a top priority. The key issue was that, like many Americans, we thought occasional illness and a handful of prescription medication here and there was “normal”. During my 6th grade year, my mother heard good things about Dr. Taylor and began getting adjusted regularly. She loved how she had been improving so much that she decided to bring in the whole family for treatment! It was then that I discovered that I had not only pretty lousy posture, but also a decent scoliosis curvature that all of my doctors and school nurses somehow seemed to miss.

Looking back, I am so thankful that Dr. Taylor found my scoliosis rather than anyone else because if not, I would probably look very different today! Over the past few years I have gone through such a transformation (really, you should see the before and after pics) and I owe it all to these two lovely ladies for changing my life. I have improved my diet, my posture, my scoliosis, even my entire outlook on health care! They have taught me that staying healthy is a daily choice, or rather a lifestyle, not simply trying to get rid of symptoms when they get in your way. Today, I am all about chiropractic and I believe that’s why they asked me to join their team. It is truly an honor and a privilege to help change so many lives on a daily basis!


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