Back to School- Honoring our Teachers

Honor Our Teachers

With school just around the corner, we wanted to honor a couple of our teachers. These ladies do a tremendous amount for our community and we’re glad to share their stories.

Jen Livesey’s Story:

What first brought me to chiropractic was the arrogant reply of a primary care physician when I asked him what he thought about me going to see a chiropractor for the chronic back pain that I was having after childbirth.  I experienced the pain after my firstborn in 1999 and just lived with it.  I am not good at taking medications.  After the birth of my 2nd daughter 2003 the pain doubled and I lived with it.  I was driven to an MD once I noticed that my arm would just give out sometimes.  This was due to the beginning of nerve damage that was taking place.  I was very concerned.  What if my arm gave out when I was holding the baby?  The MD said I had two choices, pain medication and/or surgery.  Just having moved to Allen, TX, I didn’t have any close friends yet to help me through a surgery and my husband could not take off work.  I had no family who could come and stay with me to help recover from surgery.  My 2nd daughter was a total breast-fed baby.  Taking medications was NOT an option, since it would have tainted my milk supply.  This is why I thought of asking the MD about a chiropractor.  His reply, “Go ahead, take your chances.”  His sarcasm confirmed his arrogance, which lead me straight to looking up covered chiropractors by my medical insurance.

Chiropractic care blessed my life more that I would have ever imagined.  Not only did my back pain and nerve damage heal and disappear, but I learned more about real “health” for myself and my family.  I was a drive-thru mom prior to seeing a chiropractor.  I needed deliverance from Coca-Cola and McDonalds French fries.  I learned step by step how the human body is designed to work and how what I experience emotionally/spiritually, physically, & nutritionally affects my body.  I learned how to live and eat properly to reduce interference and hold my adjustments better.  I learned it is best to get your vitamins and minerals from your food, and how to choose and take cold-processed, whole food supplements.  I learned the hard way that not all children should be vaccinated.  One of my daughters had a severed reaction to immunizations given to her at her 18mos. pediatrician visit.  She turned gray, non-responsive, lethargic, very sickly, and constantly fussy.  The pediatrician said it was “just a virus or something”, but it wasn’t like any virus I had seen.  Worse yet, she had a constant fever that ranged from 103-106.  Very dangerous!  God guided me to a chiropractor and chiropractic saved her life!  Daily adjustments combined with many holistic treatments & apple cider vinegar baths to break the fever helped her body to fight off and eliminate the toxins that were attacking her brain.  I have been an advocate for chiropractic ever since!!

One of the biggest blessings for myself and my family is HealthWorks.  I am constantly sharing how much I learn from the staff.  It is not just about “getting adjusted”, it is about getting connected to your mind, body, & spirit.  It is about learning what real food is and where to find it locally through programs they share, like Weston Price Foundation.  It is about the workshops HealthWorks host that teach patients to cook God’s way and cleanse twice yearly.  HealthWorks is an fountain of wellness information that goes far beyond just chiropractic.  I encourage everyone starting on a wellness journey to take it one step at a time, keep an open mind to learn like a child, and enjoy the ride.  The human body is amazing and HealthWorks really does use the power that creates the body to heal the body.  I am so thankful to Dr. Jenn, Dr. Christy, Shari, & Deja!!

Cynthia Rodriguez’s Story:

After using traditional medical methods to fight extreme allergies and health related problems which landed my daughters and myself on 3 asthma inhalers, multiple nasal sprays, breathing treatments, 24-7 decongestants and antihistamines, antibiotics for upper respiratory infection every other month, and twice a week allergy injections, we began to look for something different.

Our search landed us at a holistic chiropractor who immediately began adjustments and all natural alternatives to help relieve symptoms. The improvements in health didn’t happen overnight. Slowly, but surely, we began to notice improvements in overall health and stopped taking prescription drugs. After moving to Texas four years ago and found Dr. Taylor, we continued to become educated and follow the holistic approach to health.

We are thankful to share that we continue to live a very active, healthy lifestyle and with ongoing education and support from the staff at HealthWorks, we look forward to a complete and healthy future.


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