Komucha on the Cheap

Komucha on the Cheap

Our amazing and wonderful social media guru, Britt McCrary, recently figured up exactly how much dough you will save by making your own kombucha. Here’s her calculations:

“Bottled kombucha is about $2 to $4 for 16ozs so if you split it & drink 8oz a day your spending $1 to $2 a day – it’s hard to find for less than $2.99 16oz bottle but Sprout’s has them for 2 for $5 this week. I can make 16oz of kombucha for pennies & it’s far more potent. I learned most bottled kombucha (especially flavored) has sugar, so only the original is comparable to homemade. I have added fruit & it’s delicious, we love organic raspberries & strawberries in it.

I was taking additional probiotics & spending on average of $1.25 a day prior to making kombucha… If you add that up I was spending about $2.25 to $5.25 a day without near the benefits of homemade which is ridiculous!!!”

Britt has some great points here:
1. Homemade kombucha is cheaper. Way cheaper.
2. Homemade kombucha does not have added sugar unlike most commercial versions.
3. Homemade kombucha is EASY to make. Check out Dr. Jenn’s Recipes for step-by-step instructions.

Join us for our workshop, Real Food on a Budget, tonight from 6-7:30pm at Haggard Public Library in Plano. We’ll talk about this and much more!


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