September Patient of the Month

September Patient of the Month

I needed help with lower back and neck pain. I was looking for a natural approach. HealthWorks provided that natural approach. HealthWorks has provided that relief I needed. If you have pain or just want to stay healthy, HealthWorks is the perfect place to start. Dr. Taylor & Dr. Porterfield are very knowledgeable in their  professions.

I enjoy coming in for my therapies. The staff at HealthWorks, always, greets you with a smile. I love seeing Shari, Deja & Jawana and love Dr. Taylor and Dr. Porterfield. Thank you for everything.

– Shirley McDonald-I started coming to HealthWorks in March of 2013.

Doctor’s Note:
Shirley came to us about 6 months ago, having been a long-time chiropractic patient but wanting to find a corrective care chiropractor. Her goals were to feel better, but more importantly to stop the degeneration in her spine.
We’ve seen great initial results with nerve distress decreasing substantially- this means that her body is in healing mode and we will expect to see even more improvement on her subsequent checkups.
Shirley has also made nutritional changes to decrease the chemical load on her body. She completed the 21-day Standard Process Detox and has lost a substantial amount of extra weight.
We’re excited about Shirley’s initial results, her willingness to do some hard work to change her health, and what we’re going to see for her health in the future!


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