Congratulations Shari & Deja!

HealthWorks Celebrates CA “University” Graduation

HealthWorks, Plano, Texas, is proud to announce the graduation of Deja Erwin and Shari Miles from the CA “University” program for chiropractic assistants.

The educational program, offered by Chiro Advance Series, was created to advance the role of chiropractic assistants in the profession and give them a resource for personal and leadership development. The team completed the training and homework assignments in 12 months. Commencement exercises took place at the Chiro Advance Services September Chiropractic Seminar, held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Bloomington, MN, on September 27th, 2013.

“Our team has made a choice to be a part of our practice and this very rewarding profession gives them the opportunity each day to make a powerful impact on the lives of our practice members,” says Dr. Christy Porterfield of HealthWorks, “Completing this program has strengthened their abilities and confidence and we couldn’t be prouder”.

“Do not take your responsibilities lightly,” stated Heidi Farrell, founder of Chiro Advance Services and head CA “University” trainer, in her commencement address. “The world is looking to you as an example and trusts that you, along with your doctor, will guide them toward greater health and wellness”.

HealthWorks has been serving the Plano community since 2005. “The program has allowed us to excel as a team – it was so empowering,” says Miles on behalf of the team. “CAU has given me the tools necessary to help prosper in my office. The motivation and learning are remarkable and I can clearly see how my work can have an impact, not only locally, but globally, too. I am never going to see my job in quite the same way again”.



 Deja Erwin, Shari Miles

Healthworks:  A Family Wellness Center



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