November Patients of the Month: David & Susan Rhodes

November Patients of the Month: David & Susan Rhodes

“It has been a major paradigm shift for me to learn really healthy living and my quality of life is a thousand percent better”

In 2007, I experienced a fall on a wet floor in our home and as a result of the fall, I was unable to walk normally with my left hip. X-ray’s did not reveal any broken bones and a non-prescription pain reliever was prescribed. My condition continued to deteriorate and I was advised the next step would be an injection in my hip.

Since there was no apparent injury and no explanation to the cause of the pain, I was reluctant to accept an injection as a course of treatment.

I continued suffering with the pain and the inability to work normally until a co-worker introduced me to Dr. Taylor. After an examination and consultation, Dr. Taylor performed some spinal adjustments which included adjusting my “Atlas”. After the adjustment, the hip pain was greatly reduced and after several treatments the issue was completely resolved.

For many months prior to the fall in my home, I had experienced neck pain when leaning my neck back. This was also resolved after a series of adjustments by Dr. Taylor.

She has indeed improved my quality of life and I can now walk and work normally.

-David Rhoads

Hi, I’m Susan Rhoads.

In the 6 months I’ve been coming to HealthWorks, Dr. Jennifer Taylor has worked 3 miracles for me, 2 in the very beginning and 1 recently.

A year and a half ago, I had my gall bladder removed. I’m 1 of the 5% of people living without a gall bladder who has problems. At the time I came to HealthWorks, I could only eat bananas, rice, applesauce and toast without nausea and sometimes vomiting. Dr. Taylor said, “Here, take one of these colachol pills before each meal and see if it works.” Well, it did and I could eat almost anything I wanted. That was the first miracle.

Also, for 11 years, I had been suffering with foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain because my left leg was shorter than my right one. I had been to podiatrists, orthopedists, and even a chiropractor who did acupuncture. I had multiple kinds of shoe inserts and had both knees replaced, but 1 leg was still shorter and I had pain all along that side.

At my first adjustment, Dr. Taylor used her handy-dandy little activator on my atlas, which she said was out of whack in every direction. After that, both legs were the same length and I didn’t have any more pain on my left side. That was the second miracle Dr. Jenn performed for me.

Recently, I woke up at 3 one morning with sharp pain on my left side and back, and nausea and vomiting. I was sure it was another kidney stone, which had the same symptoms, and I debated whether to call my family GP or Dr. Taylor. I called here and Shari told me I could come in at 10:30. Dr.Taylor said it was a reaction to the flu shot I was required to have 4 days before. I had taken the single dose without preservatives (mercury), but my immune system was so compromised that the vaccine had upset it completely. Who knew? Dr. Jenn did!

No telling what my GP would have done to discover what the problem was: tests and x-rays no doubt. Dr.Taylor again used her handy-dandy little activator on the sore spot on my back and I walked out a happy camper, without pain and with miracle number 3.

So, now you can understand why I’m so pleased to be a HealthWorks patient. All the staff here are wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable, too.

It has been a major paradigm shift for me to learn really healthy living and my quality of life is a thousand percent better now than 6 months ago.

Are there more miracles in store for me at HealthWorks? Maybe, and I highly recommend that you make an appointment to find out if there are health miracles in your future!


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