December Family of the Month

“we were tired of dealing with the prescription approach to health and medicine”

Michael and I have been together for 5 years now, and we’ve been going to HealthWorks for 2 years now. My father was seeing a chiropractor in Northwest Arkansas named Dr. Denny who went to college with Dr. Taylor, so that’s how we found HealthWorks.
we were tired of dealing with the prescription approach to health and medicine
We initially joined because we were tired of dealing with the prescription approach to health and medicine. I’ve always experimented with my health, and I wasn’t happy with the road I was heading down. I’ve dealt with chronic neck and back pain. I’ve been to a couple of chiropractors since I was 15, and both of them were able to get a nice curve in my spine, but after I stopped going to them my poor posture habits cause my ailments to return. I’ll also say my relationship with food has not been healthy. It has always been my crutch to deal with stress, which helps temporarily but in the long run it does more damage than it’s worth.

Dr. Taylor and Dr. Christy have always brought a positive energy to my life. I’ll often be stressed out or grumpy, but their positive attitudes have really helped me reevaluate my thoughts. EFT has been pretty useful when I remember to use it. I think the mind houses a lot of power that we don’t quite understand. It’s like my acupuncturist said the other day, your mind has the ability to kill you or heal you. It’s up to you to decide what happens next.

The main thing HealthWorks has done for me is to inspire me to learn more about health and nutrition. They turned me on to a co-op where we get fresh food from local farmers. I now read tons of articles about food, nutrition, diet, and exercise, and I truly believe knowledge is power. They’ve also encouraged me to continue experimenting with my health. I’ve taken supplements, tried their Standard Process detoxes, and I’ve tried the GAPS diet. I’d say each step led me to more answers about myself and what my body likes and doesn’t like. I’m still experimenting, and eventually I’ll find the right kind of harmony and balance for myself.

The ladies at HealthWorks supported us while Michael went through his ACL reconstruction surgery. It was very difficult on our family, but Michael has been a trooper. He followed through with the surgery and got his ACL reconstructed from his hamstring, which I think was the better choice for us. We were very lucky because Deja had been through it before, and she was giving us helpful advice and brought Michael mental comfort because it was his first time having surgery and working through physical therapy.

We have also enjoyed the workshops the ladies host. Our favorite workshop so far has been ‘Mindful Mommy to Be.’ We recommend it if you’re ever thinking about having kids. The EFT workshop was also a good one that had helpful tips on how to manage stress.

Every day is a new adventure with its own challenges and obstacles, but we are thankful that we joined the HealthWorks family. We have many health goals that we are still trying to achieve, but every day it’s worth fighting for a better us – for ourselves and our posterity.


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