New Year New You Workshop Notes

NYNY workshop promo

New Year New You worksheet

Resource Links:

Nerve System Foundational Health:

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care- find a doctor

HealthWorks:  A Family Wellness Center– ask about our special friends & family referral packet for your loved ones.

Eat Well:


Move Well:  strength training in just 30 minutes weekly

Peak 8 Fitness Interval Training


Questionnaire:  How toxic is your body?

Standard Process 21 Day Detox

Heel Homeopathic Easy Detox

Redmond Clay:  we carry this here at HealthWorks

GAPS basic information – this will require a nutritional consultation, so please give us a call

Oil Pulling

Dry Skin Brushing


Learn EFT acupressure tapping


Happy New Year & we’re so EXCITED that you’re making this your best year ever!


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