February Patient of the Month: Mac Marler

Mac Marler

Mac was born August 20, 2013 via c-section. The first 8 weeks of his life were extremely difficult. Since we were first time parents, any time we would express concern to our doctor or family/friends they would say it was “normal” and that “babies cry.” We understood that “babies cry,” however, he cried around the clock. He would rarely sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time, day or night. If his eyes were open he was screaming bloody murder. We never got a break.

It was at Mac’s 2 month wellness visit that his pediatrician realized his head was tilted to the right, he seemed to “favor” that side. She recommended us to Health Works. I can’t lie, at first we felt like that seemed a little extreme, a chiropractor for our 9 week old son? We of course wanted to do everything in our power to help Mac, so we scheduled our first appointment.

After seeing the scan results and talking with Dr. Porterfield we felt relief (finally an answer to why our baby wouldn’t sleep or be awake without screaming).  We had a game plan and immediately started coming in for adjustments every week.

After about 3 weeks Mac started sleeping through the night and took wonderful naps during the day, he  was such a happy baby. We rescanned about 3 months later and were blown away by the results. The internal stress levels had gone down significantly and our baby was no longer in pain. We are so thankful for all the help Health Works has provided!!

– The Marler Family (Vanessa, Tony & baby Mac)


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