Family of the Month: The Kellers

We have started an incredible journey to heal ourselves and start a new healthy life!

We were referred to Healthworks by our pediatrician for my son’s reflux. We knew he had some food allergy issues and had been working on changing/improving our diet but his reflux continued to be an issue. His weigh-in at his regular checkup showed a regular decrease in weight over the proceeding year, putting  him on the lower end of the scale getting dangerously close to “failure to thrive.” We began treatments shortly after his twelve month checkup. Immediately we noticed a difference in his motor skills and mental development. He was sleeping better and seemed to be making giant leaps in his developmental skills. Within a few weeks his reflux had completely disappeared.
When we first came in only my son and I came in for treatment, but my husband saw our improvements and decided to come in as well. We now all come in regularly and the changes in our health and lifestyle have been immense. My husband has suffered from migraines for ten years and while he does still have them occasionally they have decreased dramatically in frequency and intensity. I personally am sleeping better and feel overall improved in general health and mental health. Both my husband I have lost weight and my son is now thriving and making developmental leaps like he should.
We cannot sing our praises for the Dr. Porterfield and Dr. Taylor and the whole Healthworks staff enough. With their help we have started an incredible journey to heal ourselves and start a new healthy life. We feel so much better and look forward to continually improving ourselves with the treatments and assistance they provide.
– Edi, (Clay & Jay)


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