Weston A Price: Grain Free Cooking & Proper Use of Grains

WAP Grain Free Workshop
Plano, TX Weston A Price Chapter Meeting notes for our latest Grain-Free Workshop

Why go grain-free?

 Most of the so-called grains that we consume today are hybridized to contain more gluten, are not properly prepared and are now becoming cross-contaminated with GMOs- even organic grains.

Those that are suffering from neurological disorders, autoimmune conditions and digestive diseases can reap the benefits of going grain-free.

Avoiding grains and processed foods will help lower inflammation in your body and keep you healthy or even aid in reversing effects of current ailments, such as skin rashes or acne, excess weight, poor digestion, obesity, fatigue and allergies.

Some current diets that you may be familiar with that support grain free are GAPS, SCD and Paleo.

Common grain-free flours:

  • Nut flours—almond, pecan, etc.
  • Tapioca
  • Flaxseed
  • Coconut
Some fantastic Grain-Free recipes from drjennsrecipes.com:
For a cooking demonstration for the Grain Free Waffles, please visit us here.

What if you want to consume grains or want to begin again?

Proper preparation of grains, nuts and legumes is imperative.

Find more information on the Weston A Price pages here:

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