June product spotlight: Symplex M for Men

June product spotlight:  Symplex M for men

Promotes healthy functioning of the adrenal glands
Many major body systems are influenced in some way by the actions of the adrenal
glands. The adrenal glands prove vital in a myriad of physiological functions in the
body. They are involved in hematological, blood sugar, and carbohydrate
metabolism; liver function; hormone production; and anti-inflammatory agent
production. They are also involved in cardiovascular, central nervous, pulmonary,
and gastrointestinal system functions and are intimately related to adjustments the
body makes in response to stress and emotional changes.

Promotes healthy thyroid function
By providing the building blocks necessary for proper thyroid gland function,
Symplex M supports the thyroid gland’s ability to maximize the potential of all food
types for energy production and increase the rate of protein synthesis in most tissues.
The parafollicular cells secrete the hormone calcitonin, vital in calcium metabolism.

Enhances endocrine performance
The pituitary gland is often referred to as the master gland of the body because it
stores and secretes a number of hormones that regulate many bodily processes.
The pituitary gland directly influences cell division and protein synthesis for
growth and oversees various metabolic activities involving adrenal and thyroid
gland function. It also stimulates the production of gonadotrophic hormones in
both males and females, essential for both reproduction and lactation.

Maintains a healthy functional relationship between these important organs
and glands
The testes secrete several male sex hormones, collectively called androgens.
Testosterone, the most abundant of the androgens, is responsible for the
distinguishing characteristics of the masculine body. It also affects protein
formation and muscle function, basal metabolism, and red-blood-cell
formation. Testosterone functions in a feedback system with the hypothalamus
and, in turn, the anterior pituitary to control male sexual functions. This delicate
but deliberate process is just one example of how these glands complement,
support, and function synergistically with each other.


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