A to Z Natural Alternatives

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A – Allergies are a hyper-response of the immune system. If you have allergies, your immune system needs healing—particularly the gut! http://www.nature.com/scitable/blog/bio2.0/enhancing_our_gut_flora_for


B – Butter. Bulletproof coffee recipe and how pastured butter is high in K2 (good for the heart!) http://authoritynutrition.com/grass-fed-butter-superfood-for-the-heart/

2 cups, hot, brewed coffee
2 TBSP pastured, unsalted butter (Kerrygold is a good brand)
1-2 (to taste) TBSP coconut oil
1 TBSP Great Lakes collagen
½ tsp unsweetened, organic cocoa powder
Stevia, honey, or maple syrup to taste
¼ tsp cinnamon
Blend (in blender) & enjoy!


C – Chiropractic. http://www.jmptonline.org/article/S0161-4754(07)00076-0/abstract Clinical and cost utilization based on 70274 member-months over a 7-year period demonstrated decreases of 60.2% in-hospital admissions, 59.0% hospital days, 62.0% outpatient surgeries and procedures, and 85% pharmaceutical costs when compared with conventional medicine IPA performance for the same health maintenance organization product in the same geography and time frame.

D – Dairy. Why choosing raw dairy is more beneficial. www.edennaturalfoods.com http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/07/22/raw-vs-pasteurized-milk.aspx


E – Essential Oils. http://www.rodalewellness.com/health/5-essential-oils-that-will-replace-your-entire-medicine-cabinet

F – Fever. http://www.askdrsears.com/topics/health-concerns/childhood-illnesses/fever
Homeopathic help for fever without diminishing the usefulness of the fever: http://homeopathyplus.com/quick-help-for-childrens-fevers/

G – GERD. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/04/25/news-flash-acid-reflux-caused-by-too-little-acid-not-too-much.aspx Chamomile, licorice and ginger tea all have soothing effects with acid reflux.

H – Homeopathy.
First Aid Remedies:
(1) Arnica. Number one remedy for accidents, shock, injuries, and bruising. Patient has a fear of being touched and may say they are “all right” when they clearly are not. Other applications include pain after dental work and jet lag.
(2) Calendula. Number one remedy for healing wounds. Useful as a topical cream in low potency. Quickly seals wounds, so make sure wound is completely clean before use.
(3) Apis. Number one remedy for bites and stings. Helps with redness, pain, and swelling.
(4) Ledum. Number one remedy for puncture wounds. Also useful for insect bites.

I – Immunity. The researchers of this project sought to demonstrate that upper specific adjustments would have a profound effect on the physiology, serology and immunology of HIV positive individuals. The effect of specific upper cervical adjustments on the immune system CD4 cell counts of HIV positive individuals was measured by CD4/mm3 in the blood. These tests were performed by the patient’s independent medical center where they were under medical supervision for the regular group were dramatically increased over the counts of the control group. A 48% increase in CD4 cells was demonstrated over the six month duration of the study for the adjusted group.  (Selano, J.; Hightower, B.; Pfleger, B.; Collins, K.; Grostic, J.: Chiro Res J 1994; 3 (1): 32–39).

J – Jumping. One study states: “In conclusion, considering the two biochemical bone resorption and formation markers that were assessed, it can be concluded that bone turnover is increased in response to a very strenuous single bout of high-impact exercise.”

K – Kid’s (and adults) cough remedies. Manuka honey and Chestal for kids, a homeopathic cough syrup (with or without honey).

L – Laundry detergent. Excellent alternatives that not only get clothes clean, but don’t leave any residue or harmful chemicals on our clothes or in our water supply.
Soap Nuts: https://store.naturoli.com/soap-nuts-berries/
Soap Nuts liquid: https://store.naturoli.com/soap-nuts-liquid/
Wool Dryer balls: https://store.naturoli.com/?cat=316

M – Mock Mashed Potatoes. https://drjennsrecipes.com/2013/06/07/mock-garlic-mashed-potatoes/

N – Nut flours. Great alternative to wheat and other gluten flours! https://drjennsrecipes.com/category/grain-free-2/  See other alternative flour recipes at www.drjennsrecipes.com and look under “grain free”.

O – Oils. Replace rancid and inflammatory vegetable oils with healthy oils and other sources of fat! http://blog.radiantlifecatalog.com/bid/69396/Are-You-Getting-The-Wrong-Kind-of-Fat

P -Purification. https://www.standardprocess.com/Standard-Process-Document-Library/Guides/purificationguideL2605.pdf

Q – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Just because.

R – Rest. Sleeping tips:
⦁ Turn off all screens 1 hour before sleep time
⦁ MOVE during the day, but do not exercise heavily in the evenings
⦁ Spend time unwinding your brain: free association journaling, EFT, or meditation, 4-7-8 breathing, reading (but never on a back lit screen- paper or paperwhite kindle)
⦁ Frankincense oil in a bedside diffuser
⦁ Sleep in the dark (strongly consider blackout curtains)
⦁ Keep your bedroom below 70*
⦁ Move all electronic devices away from your head
⦁ Alarm clocks: turn them down and turn away from your eyes. Choose a “gentle wake” alarm.
⦁ Get to bed early. 11pm-1am is KEY sleeping time

S Sugar Substitutes. Get the low down on the chemical sweeteners that destroy your neurological and gut health!

T – Well, Kombucha tea! Wonderfully fermented tea that contains probiotics, B-vitamins, and detoxifying properties for your liver. You can get a SCOBY for free at HealthWorks! https://drjennsrecipes.com/2013/06/24/kombucha/

U – Urinary Tract Infections. Protocol for UTI prevention & Elimination
In the morning:
⦁ Take a double dose of probiotic on an empty stomach (if currently having a UTI).
At night:
⦁ 3 caps Redmond’s Daily Detox bentonite clay tablets
⦁ 3 caps Pure Radiance C
⦁ 1 clove garlic–chopped and taken like a pill (do not chew)
⦁ 1 tsp of NOW Brand D-Mannose and 1 tsp of baking soda mixed in water
Current or Recurring infections:
⦁ · add in 1 tsp, 3 times per day of colloidal silver and continue the above protocol for 10-days.
⦁ · If prone to UTI’s then continue as a daily regimen the D-Mannose, baking soda, Pure Radiance C, and garlic in the evening along with the regular dose of probiotic in the morning.

V – Volunteer! http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/volunteering-may-be-good-for-body-and-mind-201306266428

W – WATER! It’s never been more important to know what’s in the water you are drinking. A study, released in January 2014 in the journal Environmental Pollution, showed that scientists have identified 56 active pharmaceutical ingredients in effluent samples from 50 large wastewater treatment plants across the USA. The most common drugs found were antihypertensive and anti-psychotic drugs as well as estrogen and endocrine disruptors that have already shown a significant impact on aquatic life. https://newrepublic.com/article/115883/drugs-drinking-water-new-epa-study-finds-more-we-knew
Best ways to filter tap water:
⦁ Reverse Osmosis can filter up to 99.5% of pharmaceuticals, pathogens and fluoride, but it also de-mineralizes, so you’ll need to add that back.Berkey water filters-as long as you get the fluoride filters, you will remove the same as reverse osmosis and keep your minerals.

a dr jenn

X – X-ray of what synthetic vitamins look like in your intestines.
⦁ Many supplements, especially multi-vitamins, are derived from synthetically manufactured substances and not edible foods
⦁ Synthetic substances are typically not absorbed as well, and are sometimes even harmful if consumed in large quantities over time.
⦁ Long term epidemiological evidence increasingly suggests typical multi-nutritional vitamins don’t do much for your health
⦁ Supplements and pills derived from whole foods erase many (but not all) of the deficiencies of synthetic vitamins

Y – Yoga: Child’s pose, two knee spiral twist, cat-cow.

Z – Zits. Find out what your skin is trying to tell you:
⦁ Facial acne: ⦁ http://www.skinacea.com/acne/acne-face-map.html#.VucrjfkrL2c
⦁ Body acne: ⦁ http://www.skinacea.com/acne/body-acne-map.html#.Vucr1PkrL2c

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