My Travel Kit

Come get Dr. Christy’s Travel Kit at HealthWorks! Summer adventures with happy tummies.

Dr. Christy


I LOVE to travel, but since I’ve started clean eating sometimes my stomach just can’t handle all the restaurant food, much less questionable food. Here’s my travel kit to prevent tummy aches!


Here’s my secret travel arsenal to keep my stomach happy so I can enjoy my adventure:
1. Prescript Assist: a very stable probiotic that travels well. I’ll start a triple dose a few days before travel and keep it up throughout my trip. Best taken first thing in the AM with warm water, 30 minutes before food. (3 tablets)

2. Zypan: increase acidity of the stomach. Your stomach should be extremely acidic, this will help with digestion and ensure any bugs are killed before they can make you sick.
(2 tablets before a meal)

3. Digest Forte: supports normal digestion. Helps your own body to do its digestive work. (1 tablet before a meal)

4. Redmond Clay:…

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