Take Your Dream & Make It Live

Take Your Dream and Make It Live!

Dr. Christy


About twenty years ago I received a gift from someone I barely tolerated. The gift came in the form of words:

“You never follow through with anything.”

You never follow through with anything? Well, that wasn’t true, was it? Not entirely, but as with most things that feel insulting, there was a tiny grain of truth there. And the truth was that, by nature, I am filled with ideas. They bubble up and flow over, for every problem I have 1001 solutions. Some are fun and fantastical, others are pragmatic and strategic.

However, until I have a tiny army of personal assistants to do my bidding, I’m not likely to realize all 1001 of my daily ideas. And this can look a lot like not following through.

In the years since, I’ve learned to winnow. There are a select few dreams that make the cut and need long term, day…

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