Be Where You Are

It’s powerful to realize how much we live in fantasy worlds called “past” and “present”.

There’s a certain power in just sitting in the moment. Where you are. In your current situation. Feel your breath move in and out. Feel the air on your skin and the ground beneath you. Be content in that moment- realizing you have everything you need, in that moment.

Dr. Christy


Right now, in this moment, everything is perfect.

Just be in that moment. This moment.

When I was a new in practice and my kids were little I had a constant struggle with being present in the moment. When I was home with my kids I was thinking about my small, fledgling business. THEN, when I was at work I thought about my kids at home, wanting to be there for every second of homework and after-school time.

Thankfully, I had an epiphany.

Consistent guilt over where I was spending my time was dividing my mind and diminishing both my self worth and my capacity to do the best I could with the people right in front of me. Instead of riding the guilt roller-coaster I made a decision to just BE where I actually WAS. When I was at work I focused on work. When I was at home…

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