Boost Your Immune System


Cold & Flu season is upon us!
Here are Dr. Christy’s go-to’s for keeping well:

  1. Get Adjusted, it eases tension on your system and immune function is at its best. 
  2. Hydrogen peroxide in your ears- get settled in and let it work until it’s done bubbling, then switch to the other ear. (If you’re already fighting something it may be 20 or more minutes before its done working).
  3. Colloidal silver: gargle & swallow, mist into your nose.
  4. Immune 911 kit: if you’ve been exposed and feel symptoms coming on, start the kit immediately. This gives your body raw materials to support your immune system.
  5. Diffuse eucalyptus essential oil: both antiviral and soothing for the respiratory system, it’s a great choice during cold season.
Grab Your Immune 911 Kit at Healthworks: A Family Wellness Center.

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