Cartermere Farms Co-Op at HealthWorks


NEW Co-Op Opportunity at HealthWorks from Cartermere Farms!
Cartermere Farms delivers on a grocery model, so you just order what you want for the week by Wednesday, pay online, and pick up here in our office on Thursday between 3:00-5:45 pm, and there’s no obligation to order every week.

Orders Open Online on Tuesday Mornings
Cut off is at Midnight on Wednesday for Delivery on Thursdays

Pick Up at HealthWorks between 3:00-5:45 pm on Thursdays
Beginning October 13th – Order on Tuesday, Oct 11th

*Note: If you order before that the inventories might not be updated so they will not see a true inventory.

*Please bring your own cool bags at pick up*

You will need to place the pick up location in the cart. (Cartermere Farms will be launching a new site soon and we will be able to do this at check out in the future.) But for now you have to choose the location as a zero dollar item and put it in their cart. ADD HealthWorks as Pick Up Location.

Simply click on images below to order —>





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