Healthy Kids & Travel Q&A with the Doctors


Wellness Travel Tips

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Watch Dr. Chirsty Porterfield and Dr. Jennifer Taylor from their LIVE on Facebook – May 16th Event. They answered your childhood health and wellness travel questions! Get their favorite tips and techniques for feeling good while traveling above.

Healthy Kids

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Watch Childhood Wellness for Healthy Kids with the Doctors above. Visit our YouTube Channel @HealthWorksTX  for more from the Doctors. Call us at 972-612-1800 to begin your wellness journey to true health for a lifetime.

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Grab Dr. Christy’s Traveler’s Tummy Ache

Prevention Kit  before your next adventure!

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One response to “Healthy Kids & Travel Q&A with the Doctors

  1. Reblogged this on Dr. Christy and commented:
    Healthy Travel Tips up first:
    – what’s in my travel bag?
    – how do I prevent/ deal with tummy troubles while traveling?

    Followed by Healthy Kids with Dr. Jennifer Taylor and I LIVE on Facebook! Watch now on our Youtube Channel.

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