Free Thermal Scan for Kids


FREE Kids Screening Day at HealthWorks: A Family Wellness Center May 31, 2017

This thermal neck scan goes beyond any school spinal check and can offer a solution to many childhood symptoms like sleeplessness, behavior issues, headaches, colic, chronic colds, flus and ear infections. Build health for a lifetime! Scan finds nerve inflammation in your child. nerve inflammation can be difficult to diagnose and often hides behind other health problems like fussiness, inability to sleep, frequent colds or illness, digestive difficulties, reflux, bedwetting, attention, memory, allergies and many other childhood issues.

Get Your Child’s Free Thermal Scan – Ages 0-13 on May 31st  

Call TODAY to Reserve Your Child’s Scan – First 25 Kids Get

Frisco Rough Riders and Whole Foods Market Swag!!!

Limited Morning and Afternoon Times


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