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If you’re like millions of Americans suffering from burning, tingling, numbness, or aches in their hands or feet, we want you to know there is hope! The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can often be successfully treated and sometimes completely reversed in this special program offered only by leading chiropractors.

For a limited time, The Neuropathy Relief Center at HealthWorks in Plano will offer a reduced price on neuropathy severity examinations to determine the extent of nerve damage and whether this revolutionary program will work for your neuropathy. Exams consist of a detailed evaluation and analysis of the findings, and the price is reduced from $150 to $75 through August 31, 2017.

Dr. Christy Porterfield says, “Most commonly, peripheral neuropathy is a result of damage to the nerves, commonly caused by a lack of blood flow in the hands or feet. As blood vessels that surround the nerves become diseased, they shrivel up, which causes the nerves to not get the nutrients to continue to survive. As these pain nerves begin to ‘die’, they cause you to have balance problems, pain, numbness, tingling, burning and many additional symptoms. The main problem is that, prior to this program, patients were told to just live with the problem or try drugs which can have terrible side effects.”

The Neuropathy Relief Center at HealthWorks offers a treatment to increase blood flow and stimulate nerve healing utilizing a specialized infrared light emitting diode technology, combined with targeted vibrational therapy, nerve retraining, and focused nutritional support to decrease pain and accelerate nerve healing.

Finally, there’s a true non-surgical, non-drug option for people that suffer from stabbing pain, tingling, numbness, and burning associated with peripheral neuropathy. Discover the latest, imagine life without the debilitating pain.  To see if this program is right for you and take advantage of the introductory offer, call The Neuropathy Relief Center at HealthWorks today:  469-543-4193.
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2317 Coit Rd., Ste. B, Plano, Texas

Call Today 469-543-4193

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