SPM Active- Omega 3 PLUS

Specialized Pro-Resolving Lipid Mediators (SPM’s), reduce chronic inflammation by bringing the process to resolution.

We have always told our patients that Omega-3’s are excellent in reducing inflammation in the body, but what has come to light is that they do a great job in a HEALTHY body, that is capable of resolving the natural, healing response that causes the initial inflammation.

Those that are in a constant state of inflammation are incapable of doing this, hence their body never fully recovers from an insult or injury.  You’re especially susceptible if you’re experiencing liver distress, if you take medications, if you’re over weight or chronically ill in any way.

For Peripheral Neuropathy sufferers, inflammation has likely damaged the blood vessels that bring nutrients to the nerves of your hands and/or feet.  These small blood vessels are the most vulnerable and can be destroyed if inflammation gets out of hand.  Once the blood vessels are damaged it leads to nerve damage, which is Peripheral Neuropathy.  SPM Actives are designed to reduce inflammation and we recommend this supplement for our Peripheral Neuropathy sufferers for that reason.

SPM’s have been shown to help with this process.  See the infographic above–super easy to understand this process.

Here’s the research.

Here’s a video explaining the process.


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